Our Mission

We provide people who are going through personal crises with ideas and strategies for how they can reinvent themselves and come out the other side as better, more successful people.


The Reinvention Men are Larry and Andrew, two men who have reinvented their lives. Our aim is to help you reinvent your live.

In particular, The Reinvention Men provide coaching and support that inspires people struggling through midlife to find their passions and give them the strategies to reinvent their lives so they can follow these passions.


If you find that you are in a rut, and that your life has not progressed how you wanted to, The Reinvention Men can help you find your passion and purpose, and send you in the best direction for your future success and happiness.

Our Beliefs

We have both been through the hard school of knocks. We know what it is like to go backwards in our middle life - have a “mid-life crisis” as we’re told. We know how it feels when you are grinding through life, one day at a time, simply trying to stay afloat.

Loving Life. Reinventing Your Future

Our Leaders

Larry is a fully qualified life coach …

Andrew is newer to coaching, although he just about admits to spending 26 years as a classroom teacher. He has turned his attention to writing in more recent years, however.



Larry is from the United Kingdom, he is a life coach, blogger, author and speaker. He was once an owner of Fitness Gyms.

Larry’s life collapsed in 2007. He lost his amazing home, was declared bankrupt and his life spiralled out of control experiencing very bad health, loss of sight in one eye and the breakup of his marriage after 20 years.

He is a man who has gone on to completely reinvent his life finding his calling to help others do the same and created various programs to assist them in transforing their life, including his published book “The Single Page Plan – Goal Setting Made Easy” and the “Compass for Life – Starting your Reinvention Journey.”

He believes that it is never too early nor too late to change your life, reinventing yourself. He will share everything he learnt on his journey to help you do this successfully.



Andrew is a New Zealand-based freelance writer, who was once a teacher.

Andrew’s life took a bad turn in late 2012, when as a result of some bad decisions he made he lost his teaching career and his life came spiralling down. He hit rock bottom, before he was introduced to the teachings of Larry, as a beta student for the Compass for Life course. The course totally changed Andrew’s life, and his perspective on living. It felt like a light was suddenly switched on, he found his passion and a purpose for living. He gained a completely new outlook on life, and created a brand new future.

Part of Andrew’s future was helping other people who have suffered midlife uncertainty and whose lives were not heading in the direction they wanted them too. Andrew made it his mission to learn to be a life coach himself, to help people in the same way that Larry has helped him.

And so the Reinvention Men were born

Two men who have been to the depths of despair themselves, who then completely turned their lives around. Two men who write about ways you can improve your everyday life. Two men who can provide you with practical guides, useful advice, and programmes that will help you turn your life around. Two men who can work with you to help you to build that future you have always wanted.