Are You Looking to Reinvent Your Life and What Will this Mean to You?

Reinvent Your Life

I see it as my mission to help people like you to reinvent your life. I created a course that was called the ‘Compass for Life, Your Reinvention Journey’ which we will be running again towards the middle of the year, but until then I am here to help you if you are looking to reinvent your life.

We will soon be starting a New Year and for many, it signifies the start of a new chapter in life, one where you are determined to develop the ‘new you;’ and reinvent your life. Is that why you are here?

I am often asked, why do I write on the subject of reinvention.

I suppose in truth there are three main reasons. Each of them very personal but I will share them with you.

Sitting at the bedside of my mother the day she died my head was full of memories, cherished moments and things I had been taught by her. The word that kept popping into my mind was ‘reinvention’ because that perfectly described how my mum’s life had evolved. Whether it was the university degrees she achieved in various sciences and maths or the bookkeeping courses, her being a stay home parent, the managing director of an advertising agency, the list goes on and on. She reinvented herself multiple times.

My own life has become one of reinvention. Three big career changes all created by health issues. Each time having to retire from work due to illness being virtually brought to my knees as a consequence, then finding myself again moving into a totally new business and rebuilding my life.  Illness could knock me down but never would it keep me down. A true reinvention man.

Then I was attending a meeting held at the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) offices where a number of people recently affected by sight loss including blind and partially sighted people, their families, friends and carers were all talking about their difficulties and struggles. It was obvious that most of them had given up on their futures. I stood up, explained that they were going through the grieving process and the day would come where not only could they accept their sight loss but would be able to go on and create a new life. A reinvention of who they were. It was absolutely amazing to see the positivity that took over the room, now understanding their thoughts and having belief in what I was saying.

Three good reasons why I’m someone able to help you if you’re looking to reinvent your life. I don’t see it as my choice, more my calling.

I have been through incredible successes in my life but also failures. Major ones.

I owned the house that most people could ever dream of. A beautiful gated property 5 bedroom detached with massive grounds and an indoor swimming pool and leisure complex.

Due to my illness, this house was repossessed.

Soon after I was bankrupt.

I survived. I reinvented myself.

My message to anyone finding their way to this blog is you have it within you to reinvent your life. No matter the struggles you may face, the disasters that have come your way you can still transform your life and enjoy amazing times, happiness and success.

I have despite what has happened on my life’s journey.

To me, reinvention means taking a life from where it is now, maybe one full of difficulties and struggles to a place full of joy and success through changing who we are and what we do. The perfect example is that of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Lao Tzu is known to have said, “When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.”

What does that quote say to you? If you are someone wanting to reinvent your life thoughts will be vibrating around your head.

It can be exciting and liberating to reinvent your life. When you set out to reinvent yourself, you’ll likely confront moments of self-doubt. But there’s no giving up if you want to change your life for the better.

Today I want you to think about this question:

What will reinvention mean to you?

Are you ready to do that right now? If that sounds scary, then simply dip your toe in. Read my blogs. Comment. By all means, ask questions.

But first let me remind you that I want you to answer this question right now:

What will reinvention mean to you?

Finally, I want you to know it’s possible, and in order to reinvent your life you simply have to start.

Being here is your first step.

This was Larry Lewis

Photo credit: Nick:Wood Hoary Comma via photopin (license)

One Comment on “Are You Looking to Reinvent Your Life and What Will this Mean to You?”

  1. Larry,
    Thank you. I found you. Great article. Reinvention means to me taking off the mask I have worn for a long time and showing the world the real me. This is scary and exciting.

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