How to Set up Your Upwork Account

Beginning to set up your Upwork account

Just think. It is genuinely possible to make a living online. You might struggle to live on your online earnings alone for a while, but you can gradually build up your online income to the … Read More

What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing in action

I recently wrote 11 Ways to Earn Money from Your Website. One of the ways I mentioned was to engage in affiliate marketing. So what is affiliate marketing? In simple terms, affiliate marketing is where … Read More

What is Online Copywriting?

importance of online copywriting

Often when people ask me what I do I state that I perform online copywriting. It’s amazing how often people stare at me blankly, not having any idea what I am talking about. Indeed most … Read More

Types of Small Business Blogs I Enjoy Writing

writing ideas for small business blogs

For 26 years until late 2012, I was a secondary school teacher of Accounting, Business, Economics and Computing. And then I wasn’t. I had to discover a new career direction; something that would still engage … Read More

How Can Influencer Marketing Help You

how can influencer marketing help you?

A major online trend in recent years has been a rise in influencer marketing. U.K. Agency, PMYB, recently polled 272 marketing managers and discovered that 28% named influencer marketing as their fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method. … Read More