Reinventing Yourself at Midlife

Reinvent Yourself like a butterfly

If you’re not happy with where life finds you, and daily you yearn to be able to change your life, don’t accept all the hardships thrown at you, or allow yourself to go to the … Read More

The Life of Slinky the Caterpillar

Slinky the Caterpillar

I play two major roles in life both which I find very fulfilling. One is that of a personal development writer and coach, the other a grandfather. So today I merge the two roles and … Read More

How Great is Your Bouncebackability?

Christchurch bouncebackability

My fellow Reinvention Man, Larry, is a rabid supporter of Arsenal football team. As a New Zealander, I am far less passionate about football (indeed we Kiwis are far more enamoured by the oval ball, … Read More