Why You Should Opt for Freelance Copywriting Services

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It surprises me how often people look at you blankly when you say that you offer freelance copywriting services. To some, you might as well say that you operate from The Moon.

It is not so much the “freelance” part that flummoxes them – “freelance” is a relatively common term. No, surprisingly, it is the “copywriting” part that causes confusion. It turns out that when most people hear the word “copywriting”, they think that you must do something that relates to having legal rights to a book, film or invention. The movie and music industries have a lot to answer for!

What is Copywriting?

In simple terms, copywriting is writing promotional material.

You see examples of copywriting every day without realising it. This includes the writing in all of those brochures, pamphlets, promotional emails, catalogues and newspaper ads you come across. It even includes the words you see on a billboard.

Crucially, modern copywriting includes creating many of the words that you see on websites – including this one.

Copywriting even includes the scripts for television and radio ads.

When you think about it, you see a huge quantity of copywriting every day. You only really notice the bad pushy copywriting that gets in your face and annoys you. You don’t notice the quality persuasive copywriting which subtly suggests that you do or buy something.

Every business has a need for copywriting services at some point – many on a daily basis.

Not all writing is copywriting though. If you are writing about news and reporting facts, that’s not copywriting. Nor is an editor giving his or her opinion about something.

Copywriting is about persuasion. Writers create copy to try and persuade readers to take a particular action.

Even a website tends to be a mix of copywriting and other writing. While blog posts ultimately aim to build up an audience of potential customers, that don’t actively sell – at least they shouldn’t. Bloggers write blog posts to inform and possibly entertain their audience. Yes, they may include Calls to Action (CTAs), e.g. “Contact me today for a quote on writing your essential copy”. But the bulk of a blog post aims to provide information.

Other pages on a website are more clearly sales-focused, and the copywriter writes these page with that aim in mind. He or she stresses the benefits of using the product or service.

When Should You Opt for Freelance Copywriting Services?

It is not possible for many firms to produce all of their copywriting in-house. This is particularly the case for small businesses, who don’t have the resources to employ copywriters fulltime. It is also relevant for larger businesses who only need copywriting services sporadically.

Freelancers can provide excellent service when you don’t have full-time in-house copywriting needs.

First, you have to determine your copy needs. What are you looking for, and when? Make a plan detailing your specific requirements. What are actually requesting from a freelancer? What information will you need to provide them with so that they can produce clear copy? What’s your budget? What timeframe can you provide the freelancer with?

It is important that any freelance writing comes across as authentic to your brand. This means that if you intend to outsource your copywriting you need to have clear brand guidelines to give the copywriter.

If you have the need for copywriting services then outsourcing can be very beneficial to you. If you are unable to write the content yourself or have an in-house team to do it for you, it is well worth considering opting for freelance copywriting services.

Andrew Loader Freelance Copywriting Services

As one of The Reinvention Men, I rebuilt my life to earn an income online. One of the services I offer is freelance copywriting. If you are interested in learning more, contact me at a.r.loader@gmail.com

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